RPGAI Role-Playing Game Artificial Intelligence Tools

One of NeuroRPG LLC's (www.neurorpg.com) many offerings: Game Master and Role-Playing Game AI Tools

There are two major branches of these tools.

RPGAI aka GM AI provides artificial intelligence related tools to role-playing game players and game masters as aides to their tabletop (TRPG) and live-action (LRPG and larp) sessions.

AI-RPG is a role-playing game that can be supported or run by various levels of artificial intelligence assistance.

1.  provides AI tools to a living game master to help create and manage their campaigns and games. This is a natural evolution of the SuiteGM tools.

2. AI Role-Playing Game

AI Role-Playing Game Overview

An entire role-playing game experience using artificial intelligence. Can be played in 4 modes:

  1. tabletop RPG (TRPG)
  2. electronic RPG (ERPG)
  3. live-action RPG (LRPG) including xR (Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), etc.)
  4. hybrid RPG (HRPG) a combination of components.

Design for both solo human play, or a group of human players.

While the AI GM is specific to tabletop RPGs only, and can be a supplement to human game masters or new game masters learning, the AI RPG is the entire experience supported by AI and related tools to automate and enhance the experience, but using 40+ years of research and evidence-in-practice by RPG Research's founder Hawke Robinson, to inform the methodologies and algorithms developed.

AI GM Tools Overview

Details pending

About the Creator of These Tools

People know me as Hawke Robinson,  "The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming", I am the founder of the non-profit 501(c)3 international charitable organization, RPG Research, as well as many other endeavors, including: RPG Therapeutics LLC, RPG.LLC professional services, BCIRPG.com, NeuroRPG.com LLC, GameConsent.com, ZDayCity.com RPG, The RPG Mobile fleet, and more.

RPG-AI and GM-AI are basically just naturally evolved from the tools I started creating in the late 1970s onward, designed to enhance the RPG experience. These were expressed as a number of utilities to help with character generation, player character tracking, NPC tracking, combat resolution for many game systems (especially more complex systems like Rolemaster), and various GM tools, later called MerpMaker, and even later becoming SuiteGM (which I might still just end up rolling these tools into).

The AI-RPG is a natural evolution of the electronic and hybrid role-playing game software programs I began writing in the late 1970s as well.

I started role-playing gaming around 1977, and forming communities around these games almost immediately thereafter.

I began writing software development code around 1978/1979 time period, and some of my earliest full-size programs were indeed (primitive by today's standards) text-based electronic role-playing games.